Wyze Sense Starter Kit


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  • Wyze sense piggybacks off Wyze CAM’s Wi-Fi connection making setup extra simple. One bridge (included) can Support up to 100 Wyze sensors and has a signal range that will work throughout most US homes.
  • Wyze contact sensors send notifications to your phone any time something is opened, closed, or left open and have a 12-month replaceable battery life.
  • Wyze motion sensors send a notification to your phone when it detects motion from people and pets and have a 12-month replaceable battery life.
  • You don’t have to get a notification every time something Opens or closes. Set Wyze sense to only send you a notification when something is open longer than it should be.
  • See the current status and a history of your sensors right in the Wyze app. Details of open, close, and motion events are recorded and stored for 14-days, so you can see exactly when a sensor was triggered and for how long, even if you’ve disabled push notifications.


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