VR Headset for 3.5-6.0 inch Smartphones


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  • Made with high quality ABS.
  • Comfortable cushioning around the eyes make this headset incredibly comfortable–even for extended wear.
  • 42mm diameter spherical resin lenses provide a wider view. Low-distortion means a crystal-clear view, and the visual fatigue or dizziness sometimes associated with VR is reduced or eliminated.
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone devices with 3.5-6.0 inch screens.
  • Comfortable T-shaped straps for ultimate adjustability.
  • Simulated Viewing Distance: The virtual screen will appear approximately equivalent to a 1000-inch screen at a distance of 3m.
  • Adjustable lens distance to your eyes compensates for focus issues, making this headset much clearer to view than the traditional stationary lenses. Each eye is independently adjustable, so if you have one eye that’s a bit out of focus from the other, it’s possible to use these even without glasses. Jeff tried them on over his glasses and said that they were wearable even with his glasses.
  • Retractable rear panel exposes your phone’s camera allowing augmented reality use.


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