SJCam SJ5000x 2.7K Actioncam


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Important Note: Some web sites list this camera as a 4K camera. While this camera can record 4K video, it is interpolated – which basically means it is 2.7K video stretched to 4K dimensions… so it’s deceiving to call this a 4K camera. It is not. #HonestSales šŸ˜‰

The SJ5000X is the cheap alternative to a higher-end GoPro in the Ultra HD space.

Records video in the following resolutions and framerates:

  • 4K interpolated (not true 4K) at 24fps
  • 2.7K (2560×1440) at 30fps
  • 1080p (1920×1080) at 60fps
  • 720p (1280×720) at up to 120fps (selectable at 120/60/30fps).

The SJ5000X also features:

  • Gyro anti-shake stabilization (works surprisingly well!)
  • Motion detection
  • Video recording while charging (I use this to keep the camera running from an external USB battery pack. when the battery pack is dead, the camera battery takes over, so I get a LONG record time)
  • Clean HDMI output which can be used for live streaming
  • WiFi capabilities to allow you to preview and control the camera from your smartphone or device such as iPod Touch or tablet
  • 12.0MP imx078 CMOS image sensor
  • Photo modes:Ā Single shot, burst-shot, time lapse, continuous
  • Supports MicroSD up to 32GB (we recommend KingstonĀ SDCA3)
  • Includes 900 MaH battery, compatible with SJ4000 batteries
  • Includes waterproof case rated to 30m
  • Includes a boatload of no-charge accessories to get you started, including aĀ helmet mount, bike mount, etc.


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