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I fell in love with the look of this watch, and the way you can see the mechanical components. For added wow factor, when you remove the watch, the glass backing lets you see the underside as well with all the little moving gears and gizmos.

There’s no battery to change, and it’s easy to set.

The strap is huge when it arrives, making it perfect for all sizes. I removed 3 rungs from the metal band and brought in the clasp 1 divot, and it fits just right. Someone with smaller wrists than me can keep going and remove up to three more rungs from the band, and/or bringing it in 1 more divot. That’s to say, it’s highly adjustable.

I absolutely love the steampunk look of the bronze finish and gear face.

  • Automatic mechanical watch, self-winding, doesn’t need battery, environmentally friendly
  • Double-sided hollow-out design, lets you see the complex structure of the watch
  • Stainless steel watch casing, sturdy in structure and durable: will not scrape or rust easily
  • Stainless steel strap is comfortable to wear strong
  • Folding clasp with safety, convenient to take on and off, it can effectively prevent falling down when you do vigorous exercise
  • Fashionable and cool style is perfect for you to wear in daily life or business occasions


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