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We are fortunate being based out of Robbie’s house in that we can utilize a residential Internet service, which is greatly cheaper than a business Internet service. That said, we certainly pay more than the average residence since Category5 TV requires a lot of consistent bandwidth to operate.

Our Internet bill is flat-rate with our ISP.

What our Internet connection provides…

  • Live web stream every week fed to multiple broadcast CDNs.
  • Cluster-style server connections between our collocated servers and internal servers for our transcoder.
  • Automated transfer of all video/mp3 files (roughly 20 GB per week) to and from our collocated world-accessible servers.
  • Automated off-site backup in realtime – the instant we sign off the air, the files are already being backed up. If we ever experience a system-wide crash, chances are quite low that we would lose data. Everything is backed up, including JPG stills, show notes, databases and even our Wirecast settings.
  • Normal Internet services for doing normal Internet stuff (surfing, preparing news stories, reading email)

What we pay, and why…

Our monthly Internet service bill costs us $147.62 CAD.

We need good upstream bandwidth. After all, we stream live video every week. This, unfortunately is largely unavailable where we broadcast from since every Internet Service Provider skews the advantage toward the downloader (not the uploader). We are sending data, not receiving it.

Our Speedtest Results on January 17, 2014.

Our Speedtest Results on January 17, 2014.

In order to get 10 Mbit/sec up (the most the ISP can provide), we must buy their best package. It is still skewed to the downloader (we get more than 200 Mbit/sec down) but is the only option that has more than 2 Mbit/sec up.

But there’s one more consideration: bandwidth usage.

In September, 2013, we realized we had to change something, and fast, because we were repeatedly exceeding the monthly bandwidth limit resulting in hefty overage charges. When Robbie complained about the frightening growth of our Internet bill, the ISP offered an add-on of unlimited bandwidth usage for an extra monthly charge (but much less than we were paying in overages).

So now, we have the advantage of having a consistent bill. We always know what to expect. But it’s still a rather pricey bill considering all the other bills we have to pay to keep the show on the air week after week.

Buy “purchasing” this item, you will pay our Internet bill for one month for each qty you add to your cart. If more than one month is purchased or multiple viewers purchase this support in a single month, the contribution will be paid to our Internet Service Provider as a pre-payment.

Thank you for helping offset our bills.

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