Nintendo Switch Game Controller


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Yes, it also works with computers as a Bluetooth controller! This is the controller Robbie uses when playing Nintendo Switch games. It’s much more comfortable in the hands, and the rumble feature is much more pronounced than the JoyCons.

To add to your Nintendo Switch, bring up the screen to change the controller order and simply hold down the Y and Home buttons.

Notes from the manufacturer:

  • Compatibility: Wireless switch controller compatible with Nintendo Switch, support the newest update Version 5.0.0 system
  • Multifunction: Built in motion controls and rumble function, super sensitive buttons for precision control, working with all Nintendo switch Pro Controller supported games
  • Bluetooth Connecting: Wireless bluetooth stable connection for Nintendo Switch, No need to install any driver
  • Service time: Built in 500mA battery allow you playing for more than 10 hours without interruption
  • Comes with user guide: please read the user guide carefully before any operation


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