Newer Technology Power2U AC 15A Outlet w/ 2x USB Charging Ports

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C UL US ListedThe Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is the convenient and energy-efficient in-wall solution for powering and charging USB devices. Now you can charge and/or power up to four devices at once when using the USB ports and the National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant tamper-resistant AC receptacles, while eliminating unsightly clutter created by multiple cables and bulky power adapters. Unlike other similar products, the port and outlet layout of the Power2U doesn’t create “plug barriers”. This accessible design enables you to charge up to four devices simultaneously! deal for users of multiple USB chargeable devices, the Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is a basic “DIY” install on any 15Amp circuit with a 16 cubic inch electrical box** to blend seamlessly into the wall as a standard power outlet. A “straightforward” rated “how to” video demonstrates how the Power2U can be installed in as little as 20 minutes. The Power2U is a money saving and energy efficient design that offers a modern, centralized location for charging/powering USB devices, the Power2U offers two energy efficient features to complement its use convenience. The Smart Power design only outputs enough charging power required by the attached device, while spring-loaded Safety Shutters turn power off to the USB ports to eliminate “vampire” energy draw when a connecting cable is removed. Fully UL-Listed and featuring NEC compliant tamper-resistant AC receptacles, Power2U offers peace of mind confidence. ** Electrical boxes typically range from 15 to 16 cubic inches. To determine the size of the electrical box you intend to install a Power2U into, turn off power to outlet, remove faceplate cover, and measure height, width, and depth of the box. Multiplying those measurements together will equal the cubic inches or volume of the electrical box. If you are unsure of how to do these and/or cannot follow all safety precautions, you should consult a licensed electrician.**

  • Patented design prevents “plug barriers” to enable charging/powering up to four iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, MP3 players, GPS, digital cameras, and other USB 2.0/1.1 devices simultaneously without requiring a bulky adapter
  • Fully National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant tamper-resistant AC receptacles and UL/CUL Listed (E339607) for use in United States & Canada
  • Smart Power feature only outputs the required charging power for the attached device and energy efficient, spring-loaded Safety Shutter design turns power off to USB ports when connecting cable is removed to prevent “vampire draw”
  • Requires 16 Cubic Inch Electrical/Wall box. Most boxes are 15 or 16 Cubic inches – This product requires 16 Cubic Inch (or larger).
  • Includes mounting screws, matching wallplate, and illustrated step by step installation manual


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