Kingston DT2000 Encrypted Flash Drive

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Encrypt your data without software! Now you can set a passcode to decrypt your flash drive, preventing prying eyes from being able to open your flash drive.

1 review for Kingston DT2000 Encrypted Flash Drive

  1. dean mires

    It really works! Fast transfers, holds data for quite a while without being plugged in (rechargable battery), strong damage proof case. My only major compaint is the loop at the top, likely intended to be put on a key ring. It’s strong enough being metal, however it has a strong tenancy to unscrew itself and PLOP there goes your thumb drive. Happened to me multiple times, so I keep it now in my pocket. Good thing it’s encrypted, but for as much as it costs, you don’t want to loose it! I give it a 4.5 star rating. (Just because of the loop)

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