Keurig K-Cup Recycling Tool


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Recycle your Keurig K-Cups the easy way: With the tool that every single Keurig machine owner should have. It easily cuts off the top of the K-Cup, allowing the contents to be dumped into the compost while the cup itself can then be rinsed and recycled with your plastics.

Note: While this tool is only currently available on, it may ship to your country too! Please check before assuming it only ships in Canada. Cross-border/overseas shipping is usually an option. Also, if you find this tool in your local Amazon portal, please let us know and we will add it here. If you still cannot find it with local delivery, please purchase it directly from the manufacturer here. Category5 will not get a portion of the sale unless it is purchased through Amazon, but diverting K-Cups from the landfill is more important to us than profit.


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