Eleduino Case for RPi 4 with Intelligent Fans


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Dropping the temperature of the Raspberry Pi 20°C or more, this Eleduino case for Raspberry Pi 4 is the answer to heat and throttling for RPi 4 users. Run your Pi at its full 1.5 GHz speed while holding at around 60°C under high load. Ideal for overclockers.

The solid aluminum body dissipates the heat of the Raspberry Pi 4, and the fans, while highly effective, are incredibly silent (in fact, no notable noise or vibration that we could tell), and we have to admit, this case looks good.

These are not dumb fans: they feature a controller that automatically adjusts the fan speeds based on the temperature of the board, with no software needed. There is also a touch area that allows you to turn off the fans and go passive, if you choose.


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