Best Coffee Mug Ever: Uses Magic


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Undoubtedly the best coffee mug money can buy.

Pour a cup in the morning, and if you (for some crazy reason) don’t get to it till the afternoon, it’ll still be hot and fresh.

Thermos brand have used magic to create a mug that seemingly never goes cold. As I sit here typing this with a mug full of coffee from 4 hours ago, enjoying every sip, I wonder how many wizards were involved in creating this obviously supernatural coffee mug. No electricity needed: magic probably uses the force, or a vacuum seal (one of the two).

Just get it. For you, your spouse, your friend… if you’re a hot beverage lover, you will not regret this purchase.

I hear it also works great for cold stuff, so that’s fun too.

Disclaimer: This mug probably doesn’t actually use magic. It’s just incredibly good.


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