6-Inch Premium Vinyl Logo Sticker – 2 per sheet

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Each sheet includes two 6-inch Premium Vinyl Logo stickers:  1x light, 1x dark.  The light version is ideal for use on dark surfaces such as black laptops or dark colored vehicles. The light version can be used on light or clear surfaces such as windows, light colored vehicles or Robbie’s forehead.

Our premium vinyl stickers are

  • Clear Vinyl Edging
    No white borders to detract from the appeal of your shiny new Category5 sticker!
  • Waterproof
    Yes, you can take them swimming with you, or stick them on your boat. But more than that, you can stick these babies to products such as mugs or water bottles and still be able to wash them.
  • Dishwasher Safe
    I know, it sounds weird, right? A dishwasher safe sticker? But let me remind you, you can stick ’em to water bottles and coffee mugs.
  • Microwave Safe
    While we don’t suggest you microwave your laptop, this feature could be helpful if you’ve branded your favorite coffee mug.
  • UV Protected
    Our premium vinyl stickers are perfect for space travel and will not fade in the radiation of a star such as Rigel, Arcturus, or Earth’s sun. This also makes it last longer if you stick it to your window or earth vehicle.
  • Strong and Sticky
    What’s the point in a sticker that won’t stick? Our premium stickers are extra sticky, and made of a super-strong vinyl, so they won’t accidentally tear under normal conditions.
  • No Gummy Residue
    Nothing quite so ucky as a sticker that leaves part of itself behind. Need to remove our sticker? No problem. Ours are specially formulated by scientists to remove cleanly.
  • Die Cut
    We told our manufacturer “We don’t want no stinkin’ square stickers!” so they built a razor-sharp cookie cutter in the shape of our logo and had elves cut each sticker. Which makes me think: maybe we should have Category5 cookies. Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising!

Please note: While dishwasher safe, you may prefer to dry by hand to prevent the adhesive from being damaged by the heated dry cycle, which could cause discoloration or loss of adhesion.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

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Dimensions 4 × 6 in

5 reviews for 6-Inch Premium Vinyl Logo Sticker – 2 per sheet

  1. Rick van Lieshout (mastermindzh in the chatroom)

    These stickers are amazing!

    I just put one of them (the darker one) on my HP Elitebook, which is my little baby ny the way.
    I plan on putting the second sticker (the lighter one) on a coffee mug, since the stickers are dishwasher safe!

    Putting the stickers on was easy and quick, no hassle whatsoever!

    I’d recommend these stickers to any and all loyal viewers who want a great sticker to put on their laptop or other geeky appliance!

  2. Hillary

    Great stickers! Excellent quality. Fabulous adhesiveness and ability to peel off and re-adjust multiple times. Great way to decorate your favourite mug, your laptop, car, school binders…the possibilities are limitless! Get yours today to A) Be cool and B) Support Category5 Technology TV with your true fan-dom!

  3. Robbie Ferguson

    Because of the high quality of these stickers, they’re extremely versatile. I have one on a coffee mug, on my computer chassis, and on the back of my laptop screen. The fact that the logo is printed on transparent vinyl is really nice because it means no white edge around the sticker.

    I did find that after several washes through the dishwasher, the sticker is becoming slightly discolored… I think it might be the heated dry cycle (not so much the dishwasher cycle). That said, it still looks good even still, but in future I might pull the mug out of the washer before it goes into the heated dry cycle.

  4. TheChrista

    I love these stickers! These look amazing, and can stick just about anywhere. I put the light one on my water bottle, but I’m so torn as to where to put the other….too many possibilities! These are flexible, have great adhesion….and did someone say dishwasher safe?! Bonus!

  5. oaesystemstech

    Really liked the Vinyl Logo Stickers, but they didn’t survive the dishwasher much past the 4th wash… other than that, it was a really nice design…enough that I may have to add another set with the shirt I am going to order next! See you in the chat room or on the show!

    • Robbie Ferguson

      Sorry to hear the stickers didn’t make it through the dishwasher! My mug (which you see me use on the show) has been through around 20 times so far. Did you wash it in the top rack? Curious to know what’s different about yours (maybe even the material of your mug?)

      Anyways, order that T-Shirt and I’ll include a replacement sticker for you.

      Thanks for your support!

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