1080p Video Player – Play Files on USB or SD Card to Any TV

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Keep it simple! No more messing around with connecting wires to your laptop just to play videos. No servers to setup, no complicated software to install and learn. Just plug in a USB Flash Drive or SD Card containing your videos, navigate on-screen with the remote control, and press play. Done. Everything should be this easy!

  • Play video from USB Flash Drive or SD Card.
  • Output up to 1080p with HDMI, VGA, A/V (RCA) or Optical!
  • Supports subtitles on videos that contain them (or where an SRT file is also included).
  • Includes a wireless remote control.
  • Features an optional autoplay setting which will begin playback the moment you insert media.
  • Supports loop playback making it also perfect for store displays or waiting areas.
  • Load up your USB Flash Drive with videos and take it on your cottage vacation in case of a rainy day!
  • Supports a lot of file types: RM, RMVB, AVI, DIVX, MKV, MOV, HDMOV, MP4, M4V, PMP, AVC, FLV, VOB, MPG, DAT, MPEG, TS, TP, M2TS, WMV, (H.264,H.263,WMV9/VC-1,MPEG1/2/4)

Please Note: This player is for video files only. It is not Internet connected and will not play online media unless you can download it to your USB Flash Drive or SD Card.

1 review for 1080p Video Player – Play Files on USB or SD Card to Any TV

  1. Desire Mumba

    I have bought this player but it is not playing on.my LG LED tv CS32410. What is the cause? It is is not even showing anything on tv. The player itself when plugged on power its blue light comes on. No output on tv. No signal.

    • Robbie Ferguson

      It is more likely your TV not displaying the resolution the player is outputting. Can you try plugging the player into a different TV until you find one that allows the current settings, and then adjust appropriately to make it compatible with your TV? For example, it might be set to 50 Hz, but your LG TV is 60 Hz. Or it could be set to PAL but your TV is NTSC. Some TVs are very particular. Others will automatically adjust. Just means finding the setting that works for your TV, and having another TV you can test on will help.

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