What currency is the Category5 Merch Store in?
For products which show a price, these are listed in Canadian Dollars. If paying by credit card or PayPal, the exchange rate will be automatically calculated for you. If paying by cheque, you may send a money order / certified cheque for the CAD amount, or if it is more convenient, we will also accept cheques from United States bank accounts directly. The excess funds remaining following the currency conversion will be applied as a donation where it is needed most.
For products which link out to another site for the purchase (eg., Amazon or Cafepress), the currency is in your local currency or the currency of that site, which is clear during checkout.


Why are white shirts not available?
In order to manufacture our shirts to meet our high quality standards, each shirt is screen printed with our logo. There are per-color setup fees for the screen printing process and therefore we opted to setup the screen once for all shirts. In order to print on white means using different colors (to stand out against the lighter material) which would mean paying the setup fee twice, essentially.

If you truly want a light shirt manufactured with the Category5 logo, please contact us to arrange offsetting the expense of the screen setup, and we will gladly do a run specifically for you.

Are the autographs printed?
All autographs are hand written by the person the autograph belongs to. They are not printed.

What other products are on the horizon?
We’d really like to introduce branded pens, we’re just looking for a suitable manufacturer who shares our convictions about ethical labor. Some posters and a 2015 calendar are on the way too. We’re also open to hearing your suggestions about what types of products you would like to see here.

Why is my product on back-order?
It’s okay! Don’t let it scare you away. This is not an issue of supply: it’s simply that we don’t own a big warehouse, and we don’t want to invest in thousands of dollars in stock. So we typically order your product from the manufacturer when needed. Yes, this means slower turnarounds, and sometimes minimum order quantities must be met, but we will be up-front with you about any potential delays.


Can multiple coupons be applied to the same order?
Yes, in most cases. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Where do I get coupon codes?
Generally, tune into the show to catch the latest coupon codes. Also follow us on Twitter. We’re not shy to announce the codes when they’re released, so you just have to watch / listen for it. Sometimes we even post the coupon code right here in the Merch Store (a purple bar at the top of the page which will show up from time to time).


Can I return defective product?
Yes. If a product arrives defective, please return it within 30 days for a replacement. Sorry, refunds are not permitted. However, we do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction in the product.


The checkout process collects a fair bit of information about me. What are your privacy policies?
We do not sell or otherwise share your personal information with anyone. We are obligated to say “except where required by law,” but let’s be honest… what would they want with the dude buying stickers from us? Exactly.

Please note: Some product in our store is sold through third-party vendors. Please also review that vendor’s privacy statement if you choose to order from them.

Check back! This page is bound to change without notice.

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  1. Bradlee says:

    Hello there, I’m from Europe and was indeed wondering in which currency the products are listed in. My english dictionary just says that $ means dollar.
    As it was mentioned (somewhere) that the T-shirt supplier was in the states things became a little to confusing for me. The fact that prices are in CAD is a pleasant suprise
    Doesn’t keep me from wondering why the currency isn’t just given as CAD instead of “undefined”. Apart from that, my computer has had his repair and upgrade. So I can enjoy your episodes and other stuff again. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back to you soon.


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